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What Lies Behind the Iron Brotherhood? - Imtiaz Gul

What Lies Behind the Iron Brotherhood? - Imtiaz Gul

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"Imtiaz Gul explores and argues the fundamentals of the multi-faceted cooperation between the Pakistan and China, firmly rooted in trust and an enduring convergence of interests. He looks at possible challenges in the future and finds that these could help further reinforce bilateral closeness and understanding and yield opportunities. Imtiaz Gul's book is an invaluable contribution to understand the dynamics and aspirations of modern China. But perhaps more importantly, the book highlights the exceptionality and quality of cooperative relations between Pakistan and China which have remained constant and strong over more than six decades in a changing political and economic regional and global environment."

Ambassador Riaz M. Khan
Pakistan's longest serving Ambassador to China


"Reading 'Whats Lies Behind the Iron Brotherhood?' reminds me of my joyous time spent in China. Imtiaz Gul's writing is engaging in the way that only a seasoned journalist can master. He takes the reader on a journey and pulls no punches. For while this is essentially a book about the Sino-Pak bilateral relationship — it also explores the geo-strategic dynamics of this increasingly important region. And yes, Gul does debunk certain falsehoods peddled by Washington. Yet there is no 'America bashing'. He simply sets the record straight and, in doing so, allows both China and Pakistan speak for themselves. This is crucial given the penchant of the western media to create narratives, oftentimes, through a singular lens. For those with a keen interest in politics, both regional and global, this provides essential and timely reading. It also reminds that while there may be a new superpower in town — China will always be Pakistan's Iron Brother."

Miranda Husain
Journalist and Editor


Title: What Lies Behind the Iron Brotherhood?
Author: Imtiaz Gul
Subject: History, Pakistan-China Relations, China
ISBN: 9693533666
Year: 2021
Language: English
Number of Pages: 320

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