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Walking the Divide - Halima Khan

Walking the Divide - Halima Khan

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A story of a man who escaped death in the most unlikely circumstances to find out that his family might not have been so lucky. The uncertainty surrounding the fate of his family makes him retrace his steps through the same 'bloody' journey.

His abiding sense of tragedy resonates as he recollects the events around which this book is set; the building of new borders, the chaos that ensued and his unplanned journey to a new beginning.

The present crumbles into the river of time
And returns as the future on the other side
Distant, unreachable, unknown
Now is where we are born and then we die
Slick with the silt of time.


About the Book:

Owning our story is the bravest thing we can do. And, this book is an attempt to do that.

For years, I have dreamt of narrating historical events in the way I thought they should be told: complex, human-centric stories with unique plots that ‘impact’ us even today.

It is, in fact, emotions that train us in the art of being human.

The study of emotions during the Partition 1947 is a fascinating topic, and we approach this significant historical event from different angles. This book testifies the importance of emotions in a factual narrative, nurturing empathy and enhancing our social and emotional selves.

Many discussions, conversations and moments of awed silence with Syed Sardar Ahmad helped us compile necessary research, based on which we weaved this story. What always stood out in his narrative was the absence of despair or dismay. The non-fiction is easy to sift from the fiction as it is highlighted in Syed Sardar Ahmed’s own words.

I welcome you to feel this divide of 1947 as you read on…

Halima Khan

About Halima Khan - the curator of this book

Halima Khan does her best writing while sitting on the uncomfortable dining table chair. She thrives in her world of endearing flaws, blue skies, lush grass, where the women are stronger than they look, and the land untamed.

She has contributed to many leading publications (Global Voices, Dawn, The News, Women's Own, Libas and more). In her free time, she is working on translating an anthology of an early 19th-century manuscript about altruism and Sufism. She is interested in deep diving into children's publishing as well. Something is already brewing.

Masters in Communication Studies and English Literature, Halima has always been naturally drawn to the intrigue that the subject of history offers.

Recognized for advocating digital disruption, she contributes to a paradigm shift in communication strategy in diverse global markets with increased levels of engagement, connectivity, activism and, above all, a higher valuation on transparency.

Halima was nominated for the Global Young Leaders Conference for contributing to the acceleration of social impact. 

She champions the cause of Pink Ribbon, working closely with the Pakistan chapter, where the incidence rate is the highest amongst all of Asia. You can extend your support as well:

As you start to read this book, she will be planning her travels to the glacial junction of the high peak mountains. And if she makes it to the Savage Mountain, you can read about it next on


Title: Walking the Divide - A Tale of a Journey Home
Author: Halima Khan
Subject: Biography, Memoirs, Fiction
ISBN: 9693533615
Year: 2021
Language: English
Number of Pages: 192

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Aisha K.
Powerful Narrative of the Partition 1947

Personally, I have never had a positive attitude towards history as a subject. However, after reading this book, “Walking the Divide” I am forced to change this point of view. The book is truly informative, and it simplifies such big emotions surrounding such a big event. This simplification in itself is so powerful that it knocks the air out of you.

Nazish Bokhari
History at its best

A highly intelligent and emotional perspective on the events that unfolded at the time of the Partition. Weaving together a story that emerges from the real life experiences of a man who lived through the ultimate pain of losing his loved ones. With every word you walk the line, that creates this strange divide between the human struggle to leave behind a part of you in ashes of your past, survive and build a new home with hopes and dreams for a better tomorrow.