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Two Loves: Faiz's Letters From Jail

Two Loves: Faiz's Letters From Jail

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From Salima Hashmi,

"Two Loves" - The title of the book comes from Faiz's famous poem "2 Ishq" which is my personal favourite. When Faiz's centennial took place and publish the letters which were in English, written in the original English, to his wife. In 2011, the family decided that they should try from prison. The actual letters had actually been eaten by termite when he was, when they were, both living in Beirut in exile in the 70s and early 80s. They were found after Alys passed away in a very very decrepit sort of state. They were restored and we decided to publish them as they were in Faiz's own handwriting as facsimiles and then the text next to it. We also decided to pay a visit to the cells where he was incarcerated from 1951 to 1955. And this wonderful volume is a record of his letters. It's also filled with photographs of the spaces in which he paced during those years when he was in prison and also the garden which he laid out in what is now Sahiwal jail and which carries a tablet outside which says "Ahata e Faiz Ahmad Faiz". So it's a documentation of very difficult years. It has photographs that were with him, of his children, the drawings sent by his children to him, the letters, the telegrams, some of the record of the Rawalpindi conspiracy case, which is what kept him in prison. It is a very rare volume put together with great love and great care.


More about the Book:

A coffee table book compiled by Salima Hashmi (Faiz Ahmad Faiz's daughter) and Kyla Pasha, 'Two Loves' is a beautifully designed collection of Faiz's letters that he sent to his family during his time in jail. The compilation includes images of the original letters along with the text of these letters typed out for easier reading. A must have for anyone who knows & appreciates Faiz's works and wants to know him more and what he was going through during this difficult phase of his life.


Title: Two Loves: Faiz's Letters From Jail
Author: Kyla Pasha; Salima Hashmi
Subject: Biography
ISBN: 9693523903
Year: 2011
Language: English
Number of Pages: 280
Dimensions: 13.5 in X 9.5 in X 1 in
Weight: 1.96 kg



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Customer Reviews

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Mrs syed Hasnat Amir Gillani
Two Loves

This is an excellent book as it covers the complete details of letters written by Faiz Ahmed Faiz and it’s a very interesting read. However, the book is purely a coffee table book. It would’ve been much more useful,had it been in a paperback and smaller size. It is recommended that a simpler addition with a paperback and smaller size may also be printed and made available for casual reading in bed or during travelling.

Asma Khalid

Two Loves: Faiz's Letters From Jail

Samee Ch

Excellent book