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The Power of Partnerships

The Power of Partnerships

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As opposed to traditional top-down approaches, the PPAF story describes a powerful alternative route to alleviating poverty. Instead of placing development in the center of people, PPAF followed an alternative paradigm by placing people in the center of development. This inclusive approach creates the space for their active participation and unleashing their true potential.

The book illustrates the dynamics of setting up a new institution and the importance of working within a framework of values rather than targets. It concludes by stating the challenges which lie ahead.


About the Author:

Kamal Hyat was appointed CEO of the Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF) at its launch in 1998.He led the institution for over a decade. Today PPAF is one of the largest and highly regarded social funds globally. Prior to PPAF, Kamal held several senior executive positions in the corporate and financial sector. His first encounter with civil society organizations was in 1994 when the Government of Pakistan appointed him as a consultant to visit Grameen Bank in Bangladesh and build a blueprint for its replication in Pakistan. In 1995 he was also team leader of an evaluation of the Agha Khan Rural Support Program (AKRSP) in the Northern Areas of Pakistan.


Title: The Power of Partnerships: The Story of the Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund

ISBN: 9693531795

Author: Kamal Hyat

Year: 2018

Language: English

Number of Pages: 216

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Fahim Khan

The professionalism of Sang e Meel Publications staff was amazing experience.