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آج کے نام - A Song For This Day: Aaj Kay Naam - 52 Poems by Faiz Ahmad Faiz

آج کے نام - A Song For This Day: Aaj Kay Naam - 52 Poems by Faiz Ahmad Faiz

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A collection of 52 poems by Faiz Ahmed Faiz, one of the most celebrated and revolutionary poets in modern Urdu. It is also a great starting point for those interested in Faiz's poetry even if one is new to Urdu poetry, as the book has the original Urdu poetry along with its English translations. The collection has been translated by Shoaib Hashmi and the illustrations have been done by Salima Hashmi.

Title: Song For This Day: Aaj Kay Naam
Author: Salima Hashmi; Shoaib Hashmi
Subject: Poetry
ISBN: 9693522869
Year: 2009
Language: English
Number of Pages: 192
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Customer Reviews

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Komal Hashmi
Book Review: Aaj Ke Naam: A Song For This Day

when I was given the opportunity by @sangemeel to read & review “Aaj Ke Naam: A Song For This Day,” which has 52 poems by Faiz translated by Shoaib Hashmi & includes images from the artworks of Salima Hashmi, I was over the moon.

It was like holding a real-life treasure when I received it. If you see all the pictures & a video in this post, you will get an idea of how gorgeous this book is. It was published to celebrate Faiz’s 100th birth anniversary. It is a beautiful addition to my book collection & the whole aesthetics of this book add to the reading experience.

I thoroughly enjoyed the introductory accounts by Khalid Ahmed, I. A. Rehman, Professor Naazish Atta-Ullah & Shoaib Hashmi. I liked how he mentioned right in the beginning that this book absolves the readers of loving the English translations done by him & how it is an act of self-indulgence.

It includes some very famous poems by Faiz & some lesser-known ones, but on the whole, these 52 poems are as significant today as they were all those years ago. For me, it is always a serene experience of reading Faiz (I don’t claim to understand all of it, but the eloquence of his words always leaves me enchanted).

The original Urdu versions are matchless in their charm, quality, depth & rhythm. However, I found English translations interesting too. Most of the poems are translated quite well, but in some instances, I felt something is missing or is not as deep as the Urdu version.

On the other hand, some lines in Urdu are very complicated to understand, and in these cases, English came as a savior. It is a perfect way to catch the attention of readers who are fluent in English & want to experience the real Faiz. The translations will help in understanding the original Urdu poetry.

About the artworks of Salima Hashmi, they are EXQUISITE. They create an intense & soulful ambiance around the poetry.

Lastly, thank you so much, @sangemeel, for sending this beauty my way.
Recommended if you are into reading Faiz or translations of his work or love collecting beautiful books.