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Sher Darya

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Sher Darya -  Books -  Sang-e-meel Publications.
Sher Darya Sale priceRs. 600.00

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سید ارتضیٰ حیدر جعفری

Sher Darya

Muhammad Ali
About Sangemeel

Good printing, hard binding, books are really worth reading

Amir Hamza
Historical Treasure for Coming Generations.

Splindedly captured the culture, history, customs and traditions traditions people residing from Tibet/Ladakh to thatta/Arabean sea, along with the bank of mighty River Indus that's also called "Sanghe khabeb" in ladakhi language. And it's a valuable collection of the last decade of 20th century, indeed. Furthermore, he used Urdu medium form its publication that is really a good step and positive gesture.
The writer interviewed different local persons of diverse field in his journey that's is appreciable and probably it gives the most real view about the local areas.
Just one thing that I dislike about the authore is that, here Raza Ali abidi sb boasting him self a bit more than reality. According ti him as a famous representative of BBC London, He is known to almost every one anywhere in the north who are devoid of almost all facilities of life. It seems somewhat unreal to me. Apart from this self praise is not liked at all!

Amir Hamza (ACMA),
From Gilgit.