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Party Politics In Pakistan 1947-58

Party Politics In Pakistan 1947-58

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The author emphasizes that the book was not written on the political parties of Pakistan. He has covered the history and aims and objectives of the parties but only to the extent to which it was necessary for an understanding of their conduct and behavior. Both in intention and design, this is a study of party politics - the way parties reacted to certain situations, how they made and changed their policies, how they intrigued and fought among themselves, how they divided and split, how they came together to form coalitions and alliances, how well or badly they were led, how the nature and quality of leadership affected the party fortunes, how the social and intellectual environment impinged on party activity, the spheres in which party deeds and misdeeds obstructed the emergence of democratic values and traditions, and so on. This is the wrap and weft of the book.

Title: Party Politics In Pakistan 1947-58
Author: K. K. Aziz
Subject: History
ISBN: 9693519809
Year: 2007
Language: English
Number of Pages: 302
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Party politics in Pakistan


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