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Pakistan Studies: A Book of Readings - Sikandar Hayat

Pakistan Studies: A Book of Readings - Sikandar Hayat

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The purpose of this book is to provide students, and especially the undergraduate students in Pakistan, with one easy, accessible book to cover the compulsory course of Pakistan Studies being taught in colleges and universities in Pakistan. However, the book will be equally helpful for those taking the competitive examinations in the country, both federal and provincial exams. It covers a wide range of subjects on Pakistan.

Contributing Authors
Farzand Masih
Kashif Shafique
Muhammad Younis
Arfa Sayeda Zehra
Uzma Hanif
Saeed Shafqat
Sara Rizvi Jafree
Nukhbah Taj Langah

About the Author: Sikandar Hayat is Distinguished Professor of History and Public Policy and Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences at the Forman Christian College University, Lahore. He joined the university in 2013. In 2014-17, he was Chair of the Department of History and Pakistan Studies. He has published extensively on Pakistan Movement, and especially its political leadership. His books include Aspects of the Pakistan Movement (NIHCR, 1991, 1998, 2016): The Charismatic Leader Quaid-i-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah and the Creation of Pakistan (OUP, 2008, 2014/2018); and Leadership Odyssey: Muslim Separatism and the Achievement of the Separate State of Pakistan (OUP, 2021). Currently, he is working on a biographical study, JINNAH, for Routledge Historical Biographies Series (UK).

Title: Pakistan Studies: A Book of Readings
Edited by: Sikandar Hayat
ISBN: 9693534557
Subject: Essays, History, Pakistan
Language: English
Number of Pages: 322
Year of Publication: 2023

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Zahir Soomro

Your book is too much good and iam satisfy with this book thank you so much

Waqas Ahmed
Educative book regarding Pakistan's affairs

The book covers many aspects of syllabus of Competitive exams and is worth reading for information about Pakistan.

Sairah Kazim
Struggle for Pakistan

The book has been compiled with a specific idea to have essays for the undergrad students abroad. What do undergrads understand about foreign policy and that too of a nascent Islamic state? Undergrads are young kids who can write esoteric English. The chapters are in sequence. I ordered for the book because I wanted to read chapters by Dr. Sikander Hayat. There is this first chapter by him. He should have focused on HINDU mindset and how the MUSLIMS got entangled with them?The reading actually suggest that the land that we inhibit was controlled by the Hindus whereas the historical facts differ from what the book suggests. The warriors used to come from TURKEY Russia and Afghanistan to conquer Delhi
They use to establish rule, impose taxes , convert into Islam and move back. From there they travelled to the Middle East. The book is rough and had shoddy ends. There is no finesse in the thought that we imbibe. I think the authors need to be clear that Mohd BIN Qasim conquered Sindh in 7 AD. From then onwards Muslims had been controlling Indo Pak Subcontinent. Creating a State is a delicate, methodical task. MUSLIMS assembled a state for themselves and established their name in the world. The chapter on Ghandara art reflects that the author has no relationship what the industry produces and how pretty it is?