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Pain And Grace

Pain And Grace

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Khawaja Mir Dard (1721 - 1785), the saint of Delhi and first truly mystical poet of the Urdu language, and Shah Abdul Latif (1689 - 1752), the greatest mystical poet of the Lower Indus valley, were Indian Muslims, deeply steeped in the tradition of Sufism, particularly in its Persian expression; both produced exquisite mystical poetry in their mother tongues and both were fond of music and knew the effect of the celestial harmony on man’s heart. The studies in this book sum up the central ideas of both writers, ideas which they have expressed in various forms i.e., that suffering is the prerequisite of spiritual bliss, and that Divine grace will descend upon those who rejoice in the tribulations which they undergo while traveling through the constantly shifting sand dunes of this created world, hoping for the city of God at the end of the road.

Title: Pain And Grace
Author: Annemarie Schimmel
Subject: Literature
ISBN: 9693514955
Year: 2003
Language: English
Number of Pages: 310
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Customer Reviews

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Ali Iqbal
Absolutely beautiful

For somebody who cannot read Urdu as well as I would like, this book is a comprehensive overview of the lives of two very great Saints. For Khwaja Mir Dard, who is somewhat neglected in our times, this is an excellent revitalisation of his thought. It is a detailed analysis of their lives, formative periods, thoughts, theories, who they were influenced by, who they influenced. All in all this book is very very highly recommended.

Saeed khan
would have been better if it reflects the culture of the poets instead of dervesh of Konia

Awesome read!!!