Mutiny Records: Reports (In Two Parts)

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The present volume is one of a series of selections from the Punjab Government records which have been published by the Punjab Government. This volume contains the Reports on events in 1857 submitted in 1858 by Commissioners of Divisions and District Officers to Mr. R. Montgomery, Judicial Commissioner of the Punjab, and also a reprint of the Punjab Mutiny Report, which has been included for convenience of reference.

Title: Mutiny Records: Reports (In Two Parts)
Author: Punjab Government Press
Subject: History
ISBN: 9693517512
Year: 2005
Language: English
Number of Pages: 818

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Salahuddin Tariq

The printing and binding was outstanding, considering that it was a scanned reproduction of the original document. I have one observation only. Pl do not add sentimental opinions to the title. In this case, the first line in the title referring to the 'Indian Mutiny' as the 'War of Freedom'. However we may dislike it, the 1857 - 1860 events were technically a mutiny, triggered by imagined threats to the caste / creed and exploited by Hindu Clergy, who infused the Muslims with unrest referring to an obscure prophecy that 'foreign rule would be overthrown after 100 years of the 'Battle of Plassey'. Our elders were perhaps more intellectually robust and practical since they called the insurrection as 'Gadar' or Chaos. History, however unpalatable, must not be tampered with sentiment. I think everyone editing the book must read Sir Syed Ahmed Khan's 'Asbab e Baghawat e Hind' to get their perspective right. Note the word 'Baghawat'.