Allah SWT's Most Wonderful Creations - The Angels and the Prophets

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ALLAH SWT’s Most Wonderful Creations, is a book which gives basic yet authentic and thorough information about Islam. This book contains such knowledge which every Muslim child should be made aware of in early years. It has been made sure the knowledge given is dependable and highly authentic.  Lessons that we learn from every Prophet’s life will help children to act righteously in their lives, inculcate the qualities the Prophets had and build their characters on them. It is hoped this book will be a positive contribution in the personality building of the children of Muslim Ummah.

Title: Allah SWT's Most Wonderful Creations - The Angels and the Prophets
Author: Marwah Khan
Subject: Islam, Children's Books
ISBN: 9693534182
Language: English
Year of Publication: 2022
Number of Pages: 124

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Mrs.Awais Jamil
Book "ALLAH SWT's Most Wonderful Creation" is a treasure.

This book will leave a long lasting impression in your mind and heart. This is one of best book not only for children but for every Muslim of every age which gives basic,short and precise knowledge about Prophets and Angels.The pictures are colorful to grab attention of children and the words are simple enough to understand. I think its a great start for the kids.this book will increase love for Prophets and Angels,which is very important for our young generation.The Prophet is the best role model for human kind.Discovering the different aspects of life of Prophet will help to discover the real value of human kind. Children will explore revolutionary stories of Prophets,this book will build their foundation to basic concepts of Islam and being a devoted Muslim.Families should read these stories with children and discuss the beautiful qualities of the Prophets, and take away lessons. Impression of this book will last a lifetime In sha ALLAH.


A must read! Equally informative for kids and adults. I would totally recommend reading it. It’s worth it. get the knowledge and spread it.

Sana Awan
Informative for kids

Must read this book .....Productive,to the point and authentic information about Angels & Prophets.

Highly recommended for kids

This book is highly recommended from my side for kid's brought up . It contains all those concepts and information which we had learnt in our childhood and unfortunately we forgot by time due to our busy routine . This book will not only help kids but firstly ourselves to remind and teach them all the necessary info they should know. Thankyou Marwan the author for giving us this valuable book as gift for our generation ...

A must one for every child!

A detailed insight of the angle's and prophet's lives, which we get to read very rare. Interestingly described book which will give a treasure of religious knowledge to young kids, also help them to build strong characteristics to carry out a successful life. A must read, not only for the kids but for the parents as well!