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Mathnawi Of Jalalud'Din Rumi (English) (6 volumes in 1 book)

Sale priceRs. 5,000.00

Mathnawi Of Jalalud'Din Rumi (English) (6 volumes in 1 book) -  Books -  Sang-e-meel Publications.
Mathnawi Of Jalalud'Din Rumi (English) (6 volumes in 1 book) Sale priceRs. 5,000.00

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Ummad Mazhar (
One of the greatest books of all times

Rumi Masnavi is one of the greatest books of all times. Its language is symbolic. The author uses small stories, depicting day to day incidents, to make important points. Reading carefully one discovers a pattern and a structure underlying the six books of the Masnavi. The six books covers different stages in sufi path. Through out this long poem (which comprises 26000 couplets), Rumi interprets numerous Ayats from the Holy Quran and Traditions from the ife of the Prophet Muhammad (PHUM) and other prophets of Allah Almighty, may Allah be pleasaed with all of them.
This book is a must read for all the students and intellectuals who want to understand the meaning of life. It should be mentioned that they cannot understand and live a life of meaning by focusing solely on western sciences. This is because western sciences are developed to control the physical world, the nature around man. Their foundations are not based on divine principles. Naturally they lead to disturbing conclusions that life is meaningless, a one time affiar, and we need to enjoy it to our fill. And enjoyment is sensual enjoyment.
Rumi, the master sufi saint, help students understand how to go beyond the imprisonment of senses. Carefully reading (and re-reading) the masnavi, one can gain insights into how to control one's inner bad self and develop a unity/confirmity with the nature and Allah Almighty.
Sang e meel publishers can think about dividing the book into two or three volumes. It is a book that one should read carefully and slowly. It requires reflection. Therefore, it should be in a form that is easy to handle. Currently, it is too massive and bulky.
It is unfortunate that we are reading Rumi in English rather than in Persian which is the language of this part of the world. This is also unfortunate that many Western popularizers of Rumi are becoming best sellers by copying incorrectly copying and interpreting Rumi's stories. We should make this book more accessible to our young people. There is some reason why it is considered one of the greatest books in entire human history.

Mehak Fatimah

Mathnawi Of Jalalud'Din Rumi (English) (6 volumes in 1 book)

Sannia Kanwal
Some books bring light in our lives, this is one them.

The books also came in time. Glad with the purchase.