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Kutab Khana

Kutab Khana

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Title: Kutab Khana
Author: Raza Ali Abidi
Subject: Travelogue; Safarnama
ISBN: 9693502833
Year: 2016
Language: Urdu
Number of Pages: 176
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Customer Reviews

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Owaise Ali
Gems of Wisdom By Mr. Abidi

Mr. Abidi is doing this nation great service by sharing his wisdom thru books. Same goes for Sang-e-meel who is publishing these gems. Kutub khana is a book in series of books about 'Lost Books' :) the other one being Kitabein Apnay Aaba Ki. The stories that were lost are brought to light and for that I really am thankful to you Mr. Abidi, may you be greatly blessed by God for this service.

Mansoor Ali
Food for Thought

Mr. Abidi to me seems like a creature of the same cadre as Sir Syed. What he writes is price-less. I wish to read alot more of his works in future.

Muhammad Abdul Rafey Khan
Great place for book lovers

You will find all types of books here.