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Espionage of the Century: An Untold Story - Ambassador Zahid Said

Espionage of the Century: An Untold Story - Ambassador Zahid Said

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Title: Espionage of the Century: An Untold Story
Author: Ambassador Zahid Said
Subject: Memoirs, History, Pakistan, Foreign Services
ISBN: 9693534646
Language: English
Number of Pages: 282
Year of Publication: 2023

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Muhammad Imran

Very interesting reading! As the author decided to get it printed after his death, he is brutally honest about his life and experiences .... Good addition to library

A wonderful Book

I am almost at the end of this book. "Espionage of the Century" by Zahid Said is a fascinating book that not only delves into the complex world of espionage and intelligence-gathering but also serves as a biography of the author himself. Zahid Said, a former ambassador of Pakistan, provides a unique perspective on the subject matter by drawing on his own experiences in various countries and his interactions with the high officials. The book may be viewed in two perspectives; firstly focusing on the author’s career as a diplomat and his placements in different countries. Through anecdotes and personal insights, Said provides a rare behind-the-scenes look at the world of international diplomacy and sheds light on the challenges and opportunities that come with representing a country on the global stage. Secondly, the book probes into the world of espionage with respect to Pakistan. It’s a truthful account of the events that led to Pakistan nuclear journey from scratch to the final accomplishment. Ambassador Zahid successfully brings home the message that those at the helm of affairs through their decisions can make or break the living spirit of the nation. Overall, "Espionage of the Century" is a well-written and informative book that combines a biography of the author with a detailed analysis of espionage and intelligence-gathering. Whether you are interested in international diplomacy or national security issues, this book is definitely worth a read. Said's personal insights and experiences make this book a unique and valuable addition to the genre.

Omer Haq

I have read three forth of the book, and have found it extremely interesting. Besides many indoor events, the first hand account by Mr. Zahid of the drama involved in the transfer of nuclear material to Pakistan, especially the last minute advice of his wife to fulfill his promise to a friend while he was in two minds is perhaps the turning point of the century. First rate book.