Daam-e-Khayaal - Tariq Mahmud

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Title: Daam-e-Khayaal
Author: Tariq Mahmud
Subject: Autobiography
ISBN: 9693534115
Language: Urdu
Number of Pages: 592
Year of Publication: 2022

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Omar Sharif
Timely delivery and good book

Delivery was on time as promised and book is entertaining.

Riaz ul Haq Tariq
History cum biography

It beautifully describes the life journey of the author, from Africa to Pakistan. Along with life history, it describes the culture of places he lived and realistically describes the issues and thinking of public, especially the very difference of West Pakistan and East Pakistan public. He has summed up in two sentences which our politician failed to grasp.....His moving from TV journalism to bureaucracy is reflective of another journey which require serious reconsideration of our governance model. Our failure to discover a system of governance for independent nation has failed the country. East Pakistan, presently Bangladesh, has developed under their indigenous model and is attracting our entrepreneurs.....It is a story of conflict of cultures and thoughts and how an intelligent officer swims through all the conflicts and still persisting colonial model of governance. Younger generation if they desire to know where we are and why we are at this juncture must study this autobiography.

Abdul Wahab Khan
Dam e Khayal

Tariq sahib,
I hope these lines find you in good spirit and health.
I have just finished reading your book. It’s a well written and absorbing book. Most of the locale, scenario and personalities are very familiar to me. I happened to visit most of the places, if not at home, at least abroad. And I also happened to know most of the people you have talked about in these pages. So I was travelling in a known land, but you depicted it so beautifully that I felt like reliving my life.
Two parts of your book I read with particular interest, but for different reasons. Peshawar is the place where I grew up and lived there till the age of twenty five. It was sheer nostalgia, and a pleasant one, reading the pages about KPK. And East Pakistan! Bangladesh! A land I could never visit, though always dreamt about it. I had many Bengali class fellows in college, most of whom met tragic ends after 1970. Visiting abroad, whenever I met someone from the Shonardesh, we immediately connected and bonded. This part of book filled me with grief and sadness. Immense sadness!
And yes, now I remember after Bonn I met Mujahid sahib in Tokyo where I had gone to attend a trade conference and exhibition. Seeing my interest in paintings he helped me buy two pieces by Omar Barbar, a painter from Zagreb whom Mujahid sahib had known since his Yugoslavia days. Those paintings are today hanging on my drawing room walls. Please whenever you talk to your brother do convey my regards and gratitude for helping me in selecting these beautiful pieces of art.
My regards and best wishes for your well being!


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Daam-e-Khayaal - Tariq Mahmud