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Begum Sumro - Raza Ali Abidi

Begum Sumro - Raza Ali Abidi

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Title: Begum Sumro - بیگم سمرو

میرٹھ کی اردو بولنے والی لڑکی جو یورپین طرز کی فوج کی کمانڈر اور بڑی جاگیر کی مالک بن گئی
Author: Raza Ali Abidi
Subject: Biography, History
ISBN: 9693535359
Language: Urdu
Year of Publication: 2023
Number of Pages: 78

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Customer Reviews

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Muhammad Suhaib A. K. Bangash
BEGUM SUMRO (Author ~ Raza Ali Abidi)

What a riveting read about an exquisitely beautiful and intelligent lady who was just 4ft tall BUT towered over her contemporaries, arousing fear and respect in her enemies!

From an orphaned Farzana sold to an Austrian mercenary (Walter Reinhardt aka SOMBRE, later distorted to SUMRO) by a Khanum Jan in the 'kothas' of Delhi to Zeb-un-Nisa (Title given to Begum Sumro by the then Mughal Emperor, Shah Alam because she once saved his life) to Joanna Nobilis Sumro, the story, its events and characters wrap themselves around you and take you at a time when the Mughal Empire was rift with rebellions by the Marhattas and Sikhs 'supported' by the 'firangis' (English and French mainly but also by mercenaries from other European countries).

I never knew that Europeans were hired not only as trainers for the armies of various states and races (e.g. Rajputs, Jaats, Sikhs, Rohailas etc) in India, but also as full-fledged private army soldiers and commanders.

The most fascinating aspect of the story is how the fate of one Gen. Walter Reinhardt 'Sombre' from Salzburg (Austria) entwines with that of a Farzana (daughter of Lutf Ali Khan and a dancing girl fron Delhi) and how that little orphaned girl Farzana grows up to become the commander of an extremely capable and potent private army and the owner of rich and fertile lands b/w Sardhana and Muzaffarnagar (in India). Despite being of small size, Begum Samru manages to eventually tower over the turbulence in her personal life and in her role as a leader with her intelligence, strength of character and sometimes a bit of ruthlessness.

This is a MUST READ for anyone interested in real stories from history that are forgotten or uncommon. I would recommend all avid readers to read this wonderful wonderful book by Raza Ali Abidi Sahb who has given us another gem of a book to delve into. Thank you Sang-e-Meel Publications, Thank you Raza Ali Abidi Sahb. I have become your huge huge fan : )