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Banda (Aab Beeti)

Sale priceRs. 2,400.00

Banda (Aab Beeti) -  Books -  Sang-e-meel Publications.
Banda (Aab Beeti) Sale priceRs. 2,400.00

Customer Reviews

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Tauqeer Naseer
Excellent title

Very nice book the style and way of writing like his murshad ( mumtaz mufti) after a long time I got a nice book which remind me mufti g
Respect for bella saab

Sanober Zulfiqar
Many thanks for fullfing my request!

Assalam alaikum, I whole hearted thanks Sangemeel Publications for sending me signed book.

Currently reading "Banda" it's an autobiography of Abdaal Bela, who narrates the story of his life to his deceased mother. His writing style is simple yet mesmerising. It captivates the reader right from the first line. His books are majorly thick but not once would a reader feel bore, it has a flowy narration. Rich in history and old times, it's a must read one.

Dr Muhammad Omair Riaz
Very captivating book

I got this book with some hesitation and trepidation. I found it to be very captivating. Author is a story weaver as well a story teller. The book is his autobiography and his great skill with words brings those times to life.