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A Biography Of Abdullah Yusuf Ali

A Biography Of Abdullah Yusuf Ali

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Title: A Biography Of Abdullah Yusuf Ali
Author: K. K. Aziz
Subject: History
ISBN: 9693523520
Year: 2010
Language: English
Number of Pages: 358
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Khizar Abbas

A Biography Of Abdullah Yusuf Ali

Dr Afaq Ahmad Qureshi
Highly recommended biography of famous Quran translator, Abdullah Yusuf Ali.

Abdullah Yusuf Ali is knows to most of the Quran readers. His English translation of the holy book is still considered the best. This is a biographical sketch of his life by none other than our famous writer and intellectual, K. K. Aziz. This book has a great title/ binding and paper. The font used in printing is not too small and people of all ages can easily read it. In the begining of the book Mr. Aziz has included a valuable list of his friends and in the end the bibliography contains all the published things/articles/books by Abdullah Yusuf Ali. In this 358 page book the historian has given us a detailed account of the life of A. Yusuf Ali and we feel satiated after reading them. From page 156 to 270 is a series of very useful chapter named "Ideas and Ideals: Part I to part IV". In this era of e-media and video games its indeed a gem of a book about a great man who somehow was forgotten by us.

shakil hashmi

The book is in my reading line, yet to read.