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Rs. 200 shipping charges per order. Free Shipping over final amount of PKR 1500.

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Muhammad Umer Farooq

Islam versus Islam

Murad Lakhani
Very simple

Yet to be read.


Islam versus Islam

Taimur Khan
Islam vs Islam

In fact, this subject is of great importance and significance to the stability, national unity and harmony in Pakistan. Created in the name Islam as a model and practical 'deen', it is extremely important that we agree to its basic tenets, principles and their application to the development, consolidation and continuous progress of our country.
There are clearly two streams in the understanding of our faith: one that emphasizes upon the rituals as against the essence which gets reflected in all spheres of national activity. We must maintain our identity as practising Muslims, and also remain cognizant of the needs to register visible progress in social systems, economy, national integration.
The following principles highlighted by Iqbal in what he terms as Spiritual Democracy are:
1. Human Dignity n Freedom
2. Equitability of Social Justice, Prosperity and Status as Equal Citizens.
3. State sponsored industrial progress in major industrial ventures, while encouragement of private enterprise with proportionately increased resresponsibility towards national well being.
These aims ought to be achieved thru understanding the dynamics of Islam vs Islam, blending the two streams with mutual accommodation.

Noor Muhammad

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